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Chantilly Lace

Butterfly Premium adjustable headband

Butterfly Premium adjustable headband

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This is an adjustable length headband for fashion dolls. Modeled on a Blythe doll, they can fit a range of dolls from the smaller Yeolume and Dal, to Pullip, Blythe and larger BJD like My Dolling Koo.

There are 2 sets of snaps as closures. at the longest setting the headband will fit Blythe, Koo and 1/3 size BJD with head circumferences around 10 inches (10-11 wig size). By changing which snaps are matched to each other you can make the headband small enough to fit a Yeolume, the smallest in the Pullip line of dolls.

Materials are wool blend felt, faux leather and non shedding glitter canvas

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